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Colonoscopy Advocacy Scores Big: Health Plans to Cover Polyp Removal

Colorectal cancer screening advocates have worked tirelessly since PPACA’s inception to urge federal regulatory personnel to change a particular PPACA provision that addresses polyp removal coverage during colonoscopy. Learn details about the government’s recent celebrated action on this issue that benefits patients, payors and physicians–a direct result of the advocacy efforts by PCC and others.

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Safeway Named “Champion of Colon Cancer Prevention”

Prevention RibbonSafeway, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious 2013 PCC Champion Award of Colon Cancer Prevention.

Safeway was selected as this year’s honoree for its corporate-wide efforts to advocate colorectal cancer screening among its employees by making the pricing transparent.

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Advocacy at a Young Age: Family, Heredity and CRC

advocacy at a young age Shane and Alexandra Plavin are advocates for Preventing Colorectal Cancer and have written this article to heighten awareness of the relationship between heredity and the incidence of CRC, as well as the importance of screening.

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Our Business Model Is Changing: A Gastroenterologist’s Perspective

Lawrence Kosinski, MD, MBA, AGAF, FACG
Illinois Gastroenterology Group

Innovations in technology and health care reform are reshaping the way gastroenterologists structure their practices. Dr. Kosinski explains how some of the major drivers of change are affecting business models across the industry.

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Legislative Roundup

Prevention Ribbon

Randall H.H. Madry
PCC Executive Director

Several interesting colorectal cancer bills are circulating in our nation’s capital, some of which could have a significant impact on consumers and physicians.

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In the News

  • Study Sheds Light on Connection Between Calcium, CRC Prevention
  • Smoking Linked to Poorer Colon Cancer Prognosis
  • Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Colon Cancer Risk

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We Need Your Help!

Preventing Colorectal Cancer’s mission is to educate the public and key stakeholders about the opportunities to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer through maintaining screening and care options for patients.

We want you to join us and embrace the mindset that together we can make a difference in redefining the standard of care, campaigning for transparency in reimbursement methodologies, and fighting for the coverage of sedation during colonoscopies.