Reflections from PCC Chair and Vice Chair

Steven Morris

Dr. Steven Morris,
Board Chair, Preventing Colorectal Cancer,
Dr. Stanford Plavin, PCC Board Vice Chair

Dr. Steven Morris, PCC Board Chair, and Dr. Stanford Plavin, PCC Board Vice Chair, look back over the organization’s past nine years and reflect on Preventing Colorectal Cancer’s mission and key achievements.

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Then and Now: Retrospective 1

Blue Ribbon

First printed Fall 2009, “Assessing the Impact of Health Care Reform on Cancer Prevention” by Steven J. Morris, MD, PCC Board Chair.

A key value that all physicians share is that we want our patients to have access to insurance without discrimination for pre-existing illness, no exorbitant deductibles or co-pays, no lifetime coverage caps, and to make insurance portable despite loss of job or change in location.

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Then and Now: Retrospective 2

First printed Fall 2011, “Consumer Advocate Section: Preventative Screening Covered Under the Affordable Care Act” by Randall H. H. Madry, PCC Executive Director

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has become law, and under this reform initiative many are now covered for colorectal cancer preventive screenings without a copay or deductible.

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Then and Now: Retrospective 3

First printed in May, 2012, “Preventing Colon Cancer: The Benefit of Propofol”. Patients undergoing a colorectal cancer screening should be provided with optimal options for a safe, comfortable and clinically superior colonoscopy – in most cases, that means a patient who is anesthetized with propofol administered by an anesthesiologist or CRNA. It is the recognized standard of care in most areas of the country, and is continuing to become so in areas that have been clinging to the older practices. Patients deserve nothing less than the highest quality of care.

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